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Save time and reduce financial stress when you choose us to serve as your accounting consultant.

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Money makes the world go ‘round,” and it is certainly true that financial matters have the potential to add a lot of stress and hassle to your daily life. Whether you are an individual looking to get your finances in order or you are a small business owner in need of an accounting consultant, we can help. If you are located in Lubbock, Texas or somewhere nearby, don’t hesitate to contact our firm, Brad R. Smith, CPA PC.

Accounting Consultant in Lubbock, Texas

There are plenty of reasons to choose us as your accounting consultant:

  • Experience: Our owner has been in the accounting industry for over 30 years and opened this firm in 1996.
  • Knowledge: With all those years of experience, there are very few financial situations we haven’t seen before. This allows us to provide optimal support, sound advice, and customized solutions to you as an individual or for your business.
  • Personalized service: We strive to provide big corporation knowledge with a small business feel. We want to establish an ongoing relationship with you, so that we can better understand your financial situation and provide you with reliable, effective, honest solutions.

Save time and reduce financial stress when you choose us to serve as your accounting consultant. We can help you ensure that taxes are paid and filed on time, every time. We can help streamline your cash flow operations, freeing up capital to grow your business and maximizing profits for you and your stakeholders. Contact us today to discuss your current and anticipated needs for an accounting consultant.


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