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We can help if you are facing an IRS audit.

For many businesses, the words “IRS audit” are ones that they never want to hear. However, the reality is that many business owners face routine IRS audits, and they must carefully prepare the necessary documents to ensure their books and financial records are correct.

IRS Audit in Lubbock, Texas

If your business in Lubbock, Texas is facing an IRS audit, we know what a daunting prospect this can be. Instead of trying to face the situation on your own, utilizing the services of a qualified accountant can significantly ease the process and improve your chances of a favorable outcome.

  • If you need a certified accountant to guide you through an IRS audit, you can turn to us at the office of Brad R. Smith, CPA PC. There are several different ways we can support your business during this process, including the following:
  • We can help organize and compile all necessary financial records for your business, ensuring that documentation is complete and easily accessible.
  • We can interpret tax laws and regulations to ensure that your tax return is compliant with current laws.
  • We can act as a liaison between you and the IRS, handling correspondence, responding to inquiries, and representing you during meetings with IRS agents.
  • We can help you prepare for any scheduled audit interviews or meetings with IRS auditors.

Facing an IRS audit is nothing to worry about as long as you have our accounting expertise on your side. For more information about our accounting services and how we can support you during an audit, reach out to us today.

At the office of Brad R. Smith, CPA PC, we assist with IRS audits for customers throughout Texas, including those in Lubbock, Amarillo, Abilene, Midland, Odessa, Big Spring, Plainview, Canyon, and Snyder.